Tell the Federal Government not to put people into poverty. Add your name to the call to raise the rate for good, and share your story.

Dear Federal Government,

It’s not right that Australians are plunged into poverty if we lose our jobs through no fault of our own.

The increased JobSeeker payment during this coronavirus pandemic has kept 1.4 million of us out of poverty - you can’t stop supporting Australians now.

Dropping JobSeeker back to the old pre-pandemic rate of about $40 a day isn’t even enough to live on, let alone help us be ‘job seekers’. How can it be right to go back to a rate that is below the poverty line?

You recognised it wasn’t enough during the coronavirus when you effectively doubled JobSeeker- now please recognise it’s not enough, period.

We all need an adequate social security safety net to catch us when we fall.

Lift JobSeeker above the poverty line for good.